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  • MODERNIZE MUSIC: NEW fun sheet music to play

  • FIX: Broken percussion, woodwind, & string Instruments

  • NEW: Mouthpieces, shoulder rests, choir world percussion instruments

  • YEARLY NEEDS: Replacement strings, reeds, sticks, valve oil, instrument cleaning supplies

  • FACILITY REPAIRS: working speakers, microphones, headphones, cables, recording gear

Donate to Arundel Music

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November 2023: Pie Fundraiser 

Please support Arundel Music and reach out to a music student to purchase, or go to this link. Orders due by November 10.

A percentage of the proceeds that a student sells will go towards the cost of their Spring Music Department trip.

Pies are made by a local bakery that has been featured on Food Network!

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November 2023: Snap!Raise Fundraiser

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