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Full Orchestra

This ensemble is an audition and voluntary ensemble for students looking for a high-level performance ensemble beyond their ensemble class (string orchestra, concert band, jazz band, choir).  All instruments are eligible for participation (including saxophones). 



Wednesday   Pride Period  2nd Lunch    &. After school (if needed; T.B.D.) 



-This ensemble will perform at the Arundel HS Instrumental Music Winter & Spring Concerts, Cabaret Night as well as a spring festival or competition 



-Regular attendance at rehearsals 

-Consistent and timely communication of rehearsal conflicts 

-Attendance at concerts and performances 

-Diligent preparation of assigned musical excerpts or music prior to rehearsals 


Audition Procedures 

*Music will be available for download below

**Printed copies available in B102 

***Please record and submit your audition via email (  by September, 16th  


Results will be posted in B102 on Sept. 17th  


First Rehearsal will be Wednesday, September 18th 

*All performers should record themselves playing measures 32 - 50 and send the video to 

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