Arundel Marching Band

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The Arundel Marching Program is a competitive marching band. We spend the fall sports season learning a show and competing in a variety of competition all over the mid-Atlantic region. Our students have fun and take pride in their work as each season allows for our students to have tremendous growth as musicians and team members.  

Arundel Marching is a unique ensemble at Arundel HS, because of the large number of performances and competitions we are in. To perform at such a high level we bring in many instructors for our students, compared to most ensembles which only have one director. By having 2-3 percussion staff, 4-5 wind instrument staff, and 3-4 color guard staff, we are able to provide all students with the individual support at all of our rehearsals. In order to prepare students for a successful and rigorous season we also have a summer training camp. 

All Members must complete the two week training camp at Arundel High School! 
Please let me know if you are interested in joining and we can work around any conflicts with camp or rehearsals!


*Arundel Marching Performs at all Arundel HS Football Games!
September 25th @ Century HS
October 2nd @ Urbana HS
October 15th @ Arundel HS
October 20th @ AACPS Exhibition at Arundel HS!
October 23rd @  Maryland State Championships @ Towson University
November 6th @ Severna Park HS

Summer Training Camp
All Members must complete the training camp(s) at Arundel High School!


Aug. 9 - 13      8AM - 5PM
Aug. 16 - 20   8AM - 5PM

Regular Season Rehearsals (start on Aug. 27) :   Mon. 3PM - 6PM (band) & 6PM - 9PM (color guard)
                                                                                     Wed. 6PM - 9PM (everyone)
                                                                                     Fri. 3 - 6PM (band)

                                                                                     Sat. 9am-1pm (color guard)

*See below for our updated COVID-19 safety guidelines

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AACPS Marching Band Safety Guidance Summer 2021

All Marching Band Guidance has been created in alignment with current AACPS Athletics practice, as appropriate.  Adjustments have been made only when required by the nature of the activity.

Contact Tracing:

Marching Band will contact trace for any positive COVID cases. 

In the event that Marching Band staff in collaboration with contact tracers are unable to determine if particular individuals have been within 6 ft of proximity to a COVID positive participant for more than 15 minutes during the course of a rehearsal or performance, the activity will be shut down for 10 days.

Outdoor Guidance:

·   Staff and students who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks; staff and students who are not fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to do so.

·   Instruments do not need to use bell covers.

·   6 ft of social distance does not need to be maintained during the course of a field show.  We will strive to keep students at a 4-step interval (using an 8 steps to 5 yards measurement) as much as possible.

Indoor Guidance:

·   Students and staff engaged in the playing of a wind instrument shall be masked (split mask or flute specific mask).  During non-playing times, please follow the outdoor masking guidance for students and staff.

·   Wind instruments shall utilize bell covers during indoor performance.

·   Maintain 6 ft of distance between students indoors.

·   The number of individuals in a room shall be determined by the number that can be accommodated at a 6 ft interval. 

·   If using a gymnasium for indoor rehearsal, you may have 50 people in the gym at one time (or 25 per side)


Rehearsals, Band Camp, Travel, and Competition:

·   Summer rehearsals may be held prior to band camp.  Priority shall be given to holding rehearsals outdoors whenever possible.  Indoor rehearsals shall follow the guidance noted above.

·   Band Camps may be held.  

·   Programs will be allowed to travel and compete, should building administration, director, and band staff concur that it is in the best interest of the program. 

·   Bands may return to traditional transportation procedures in Fall 2021.