Arundel Music Events

September 27th                   Marching Band Night! w/ Arundel Middle School Students 

October 30th                        @ Arundel Middle School: Arundel Strings Feeder Concert

November 2nd                     Arundel High School Marching Band Home Show    

                                                                 (Mid-Atlantic Marching Band Championship)

November 13th                    Field Trip to New York City for Broadway Show 

November 22nd                   Transcendental Light Orchestra & AHS Musicians Holiday Performance

*think trans-siberian orchestra

December 11th                     Baltimore Symphony Field Trip & Side-by-Side Concert

December 16th - 20th          Arundel HS Instrumental Music Recruitment Performance Tours

December 18th                    Arundel HS Instrumental Winter Concert

December 19th                    Arundel HS Choral Winter Concert

January 24th                         Arundel Band Feeder Festival!

February 1st                         AACPS Solo and Ensemble Festival

March 3rd                             AACPS Choral Festival Trip

March 4th                             AACPS Choral Festival Trip


March 5th                            AACPS Orchestra Festival Trip

March 19 - 22nd                  Arundel HS Spring Musical Performances

March 26 - 28th                   Arundel HS Spring Musical Performances

April 3rd                               Arundel’s Got Talent Competition

April 30th                             Arundel HS Instrumental Music Spring Concert

May 6th                               Arundel HS Choral Spring Concert

May 8th                               Music Department Awards Banquet

May 9th                              Marching Band @ Crofton Armed Forces Parade

May 16th                            Arundel Music Department Field Trip to Hershey Park Competition