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2020 Arundel Feeder System

Spooky Strings & Boo Band 

Concert Event!


Please complete your recording by October 28th 
  • Step 1: Practice as needed!

  • Step 2: Download your recording track!

  • Step 3: Gather recording materials

    • You will need:

      • music

      • recording track

        • queued up to play​

      • headphones

        • to listen to the recording track

      • device to record

  • Step 4: Recording Process​​

    • #1-->Start your recording (click "record" in your app)

    • #2-->Play the recording track (click "play")

    • #3-->You will hear the metronome start playing

    • #4-->Clap your hands on beat 1 of measure 2 of the metronome

      • There are 4 measures of metronome before "measure 1" of the music

    • #5-->​ Record your part :-)

  • Step 5: Recording Tips

    • Make sure you are in a quiet space

    • Use headphones or an ear bud for the click track so we do not hear it in your recording

    • If you are using a phone or tablet, make sure you are playing in the direction of the microphone of your device -

    • If you are recording on a computer, play in the direction of your screen, but not directly at the screen

    • If you are using a separate microphone, be sure to complete a test recording to make sure you are happy with your sound!

  • Finished?  Upload a .mp3, .mp4 or .wav file of your recording

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