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We, the students of the Arundel HS Tri-M Honors Society want you to know we appreciate YOU more than you know!

... We wish we could thank you in-person with our traditional teacher tea... since we will not be able to see you this year, we still wanted to share our the sounds of the season with you!!!

Abigail Noonan

Abigail Noonan& Savannah Howe

Adah Harding

Allison Hagee

allyson walton

Annaliese harding

David lee

Emily Matsui & Shea Gardner

Gabriel Maldonado-Goytia

Jana Liu

jared Zutt

Layla Tyus

Lucas White

Mackenzie Kirby & Leah Lawrence

Mia erdman

natalie Gustin

Savannah Howe

Shea Gardner

Sophia Jean

Sophia koo

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