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2020 Arundel Feeder System

Virtual Choir

Concert Event!


Please complete your recording by November 29th
  1. Locate materials - Click to access the Google Drive folder with all materials.

  2. Understand the process - Watch the video called How to Record for a complete explanation

  3. Learn the song! - There is a video in the folder called Learn the Song. Use this to learn the words, notes, rhythms, style, etc. (If you’d like to look at the music, you can do so by finding the PDF and/or lyrics in the folder)

  4. Get ready to record - If you watched the video, How to Record, you know that you need one device with which to play the click track, headphones so only you can hear the click track, and a second device that will record your voice only (audio only preferred, but video is ok). You will need to open theClick Track (for Recording) video to sing along with.

  5. Record! - Find a quiet spot in your house and let your family know you need quiet. Make sure you can hear the click track in your headphones (but not out loud). Be sure to clap at the correct time (click-click-click-CLAP) to line up the track. And then sing along with the video!

  6. Sign the release form & upload recording - This is crucial! We are only allowed to include you in this product if you (parent) sign this form! This is also where you will upload your recording file. (Note, this submission process is a change from the video. We will bypass the submission folder and just send it here).

  7. Join the Google Meet - In order to capture us all singing at the same time, we are going to join the same Google Meet with cameras on Wednesday December 2nd at 1:00 PM using this link. I will play the song, and you will sing along! Please choose a neutral background and a nice and/or school shirt. And don’t forget to SMILE and move with the music! I will instruct you to turn up your video quality to max. If you tend to have issues with internet connection, consider plugging into your router and/or asking your family to disconnect for the few minutes we record.

  8. Come to the concert on December 15th! - This song will be featured in Arundel High School’s virtual choir concert on December 15th at 7:00 PM. We encourage you to make a night of it and enjoy a short concert of the music we’ve been making this year!

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